Night time city bedroom backgrounds!

I’ve been trying to look for a decent penthouse/ city apartment styled bedroom at night time that’s for a guy. Preferably a room that has windows so we can see the city life in the background. I also preferred it to be a black bed sort of like this background by @shara.stories only more “realistic” if that makes sense :sweat_smile:

If anyone has free images or backgrounds I’ll totally credit you! Or if anyone knows where I can find some of these backgrounds. TIA!


try or

Thanks for that! I have tried looking on pixabay, unsplash etc there just doesn’t seem to be any proper backgrounds of an apartment bedroom :sweat_smile:

But wow! That looks good thanks so much! :grin:

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I have some in my drive
You will have to fill in a form though…and obey the terms and conditions

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You can check out my shop!

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its all good!! :blob_hearts: