Night to Day background

Hi, Can someone help me make all of this in the daytime, please? I would really appreciate it! (:

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Is this any good?

Is there anyway you can make it brighter and lighter? I want it to look like daytime instead of nighttime. I’m sorry if I confused you lol.

Oh my bad :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Where did you get these pictures?

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It is by lonewolf (previously known as Thorne art studio)

Are these okay?

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can I use these images? its SO GOOD

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omg tysm! (:

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sure, just make sure to give credit to @lonewolfe (that’s the creators)

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You’re welcome, it only took like 2 minutes :joy:

can I also use the daytime backgrounds? @_haruka

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Oh, sure. You can credit me at @_haruka on Episode but I really don’t mind if you don’t, it only took like 2 minutes :joy:

then I’ll credit like u said
"Background by lonewolfe and edited by @_haruka" :blush:


sure :slight_smile: more thanks to u and @_haruka

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