NIGHT to DAY: Bedroom Background (Help)


Heyyy ya’lls.
Can someone help me edit this bedroom so it’s daytime instead of nighttime ;o?
I’d appreciate it :sweat_smile:! Thanks!




Go here she is a member of Episode Helpers and she is good at it.


Would this work?


I’m gonna give it a try for you as well…
I will send it when I’m done…

~EpisodeStudio Prez



If you use this one please remember to credit @EpisodeStudio


@Ciiinnndddy I did this, but if you use it credit to jabbey_edits


Ahhh, you guys are gems ^_^!
Thank you so much!
And I will credit :p!




Wish I saw this a little earlier. I edited this background last year. Here’s the day version to accompany it.


The queen :crown: of backgrounds!



Lmao. Hello there :slightly_smiling_face:


Your backgrounds are really cool, I was glad I had some before you removed the drive link, but someone made me a splash for credit, and your name is on there :wink:


Awww thanks! I really appreciate it.


I’m sorry for what happened. I have a habit of using several backgrounds from many different Instagram account, and not remembering which is which, so I’m just going to have the credits at the end.


Ya’lls are so talented, and I’m just so not :joy:.
I look at the splashes some of ya’lls make and I’m completely mindblown.
I mean, they’re amazing! I would’ve done the edit myself, if only I knew how, lol, but I’m so glad that there are people like you willing to help a gal out :slight_smile:.


I love your backgrounds @shellyg! :grin: :grinning: