Night version of background

Can someone make a night version of this background? :heart:

I would love to help!

I can try

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You can do it, go ahead

Thank you!!

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Can I get your version ? :smile:

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It’s okay, you do it, either ways I don’t have a big experience

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No worries, thank you for offering!

Haha I suck at these. Just wanted to see if I could but @ChayChay is amazing at them

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I can send you my own version and then choose

Sounds good!

You can try? If you don’t want to then it’s fine :slightly_smiling_face:

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If they can’t do it I can.

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Go ahead

You not going to do it? :smile:

I don’t mind who is doing it, I just need the background ASAP :blush: :heart:

I will gladly do it for you

Here, I have two versions. If use, tell me.

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Wow you are so good!

I will use the first one!
Thank you :heart:
Please give me your name tag so I can credit you :kissing_cat: