Night version of this background

Can someone make a night version of this background please!
I need it ASAP.

Thank you!

P.S. Please don’t tell me to do it through a thread, it freezes my laptop!


Thank you :heart:

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That’s more of a dim version rather than a night time version.

I wanted the windows to have a dark sky rather than a light one and for there to be lights inside the room.



I can try if you would like

Credit: @Dara.Amarie

Thank you very much. Well appreciated

Also, I didn’t know Dara does backgrounds. Where can I find them?

I don’t think she does, but she shared this one on the old forum once :slight_smile:

I have a drive with some. However I have been working on more from the episode art catalog and putting my own adjustments. So feel free to contact for any if you want.