Night version of this bedroom background needed!


Would anyone be able to make a night time version of this background? Or maybe have a night time version/have any recommendations for similar backgrounds? i rlly need a night time version so please reply to this if you have any ideas or know anyone that could make it!






I’ve done this one before… but my phone is okay the fritz but I will try…


Thank you so much!


I don’t think I can edit this without @shellyg’s permission! :grin:


She made it? I was looking for who too give credit too all over!!


:joy: I’m sure she did! I also think that she made a night version of it too!


Omg! I didn’t even know. Tysm!


I thought the one like that was from Episode. But yeah if it is @shellyg she has a night version…


Totally didn’t realize this because I found it on google. I’ll be sure to dm her on ig rn


It’s okay. If you found it on google then it is hers… we just don’t want to step on any toes… thank you for understanding.


It’s actually a hidden background from Episode :slightly_smiling_face:

Can someone make this background approvable for me?

where are hidden backgrounds found?


Omg ok!! Tysm(:



Closed by OP request. :wink: