Night version of this green bedroom

Hey, hoping someone can help me out with a night version of this bedroom created by MIRYA.EPISODE

Much thanks. Carter xo

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I can help you with the art you need
this is the link of my store

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Thank you. I will make a request. :slight_smile:

Does this work?

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where can i get the background

i hope this is okay!


omg this is perfect! thank you so much!

I can’t remember where I found it. Sorry but you could just save it from above. just make sure you give credit to the creator of the background, which is also listed above with the post of the background. :slight_smile:

thank you.

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thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Glad to help! Sorry if it’s not dark enough, you can’t really edit anything on phone without it being super dark :pleading_face: