Night version of this image?

So I found this image via google, and can’t find a night version. I was wondering if anyone could do it. Also, if anyone knows who made it, I’d love to know so I can credit as well.

You’d have to ask the owner before making changes to it

@shellyg doesn’t like ppl to change her backgrounds, plus I’m sure she has a night version.

Ok, thanks for telling me, like I said I didn’t know who made it.

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It’s okay most ppl get their backgrounds from Google anyway, no I can do about it. But now you know :joy::blush::kissing_heart:

just a little pointer, be careful with getting backgrounds from google.
because google just pulls images from literally anywhere and most times those images are not free for commercial use meaning that you can’t just use them without permission from the original poster. so try using sites like to get your backgrounds so that you don’t potentially receive a law suit or something :joy::heart: