Nightmare’s Background & Overlay Request Shop! 🖤 CLOSED (MAY REOPEN AGAIN)

:black_heart::black_heart: WELCOME TO YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE :black_heart::black_heart:

I’ll be creating or finding copyright free backgrounds/overlays for you and to avoid 100 + topics about a “background/overlay needed” :black_heart:

  • If you want to give me a background/overlay to edit, the BG/Ol must be copyright free.

  • Credit is a requirement that is non negotiable

  • Threadhopping is absolutely not allowed here/requesting the same thing twice from two different artists.

  • Please do not spam this thread/go off topic

  • Please do not use any of my examples/requests unless they were made for you or you asked me

  • Please don’t redistribute or ask another artist to edit, or darken etc…you will automatically be blacklisted here, and warned to other shops, and I will blacklist you everywhere/anywhere to not be associated with you.

  • The most easiest thing I also ask for is: To be nice! :sparkles:

Custom BG/OL

Ask me if you want to use any of these



I do all sorts of OL’s, Body overlays, Ink & LL, Books, Shelves etc…

PW: Nightmare :black_heart:

BG/OL form
  • Password:

  • BG/OL?

  • Describe the BG/OL:

  • Reference?:

  • Deadline:


I work fast on bg’s and ol’s so rest assured you’ll get the background’s by the deadline :black_heart:

Helped :black_heart:




The Nightmare :black_heart:


Bump! :black_heart:

congrats on opening! i’d like two arm overlays please!

  • Password: Nightmare :black_heart:
    1st overlay-
  • BG OR OL?: OL
  • Describe the BG or OL: The character puts his hand on another characters face or hold their chin (i’m bad at explaining :sob:)
  • Reference?: not what i need but close to something like this


2nd overlay-

  • BG OR OL?: OL
  • Describe the BG or OL: holding the other person’s waist…?
  • Reference?: (exactly like this but different skin tone)

  • Deadline: 3 october? you can take you time :))
character details:

skin colour: neutral 2
Only Full Body Tribal Skull Lace Ink Black.

thank you! :black_heart:


I’ll start it when I can :sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:

Thanks for requesting!!


im late!??

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You can request if you need anything, I can squeeze you in :sparkles: :blush:

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Ahh its kool lmk wen ur open again, i can wait :revolving_hearts:

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Here are your OL’s

I hope you like them, and they’re okay :two_hearts::sparkles:

CREDIT: Can be given through my forums username (@anon37186038) anywhere you use it :two_hearts:

Do not use unless you are @noyaan!

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It’s amazing! thank you so much :))

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No problem! :sparkles:

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Hi I wanna request!! Thanks for letting me know about your shop!!!
Password: Nightmare :black_heart:
BG or ol: Overlay
Description: I need an overlay of roses!! A lot of roses. Maybe the reference will help it’s similar to it but for an office.



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Accepted! I’ll get it to you ASAP! You’re my last request for a while :cloud::two_hearts:

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Here you go:

I hope it’s okay! Credit can be given with my forums username @anon37186038 when you use it!
OL May only be used by @Queen20!!

Bump! :black_heart:

Omg thank you so much!!! I love it :heart_eyes:

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No problem!! Also feel free to recommend my BG & OL thread to anyone you may know who is in need of a BG or OL! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::two_hearts:

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I definitely will!!! :heartpulse:

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Hehe Bump! :two_hearts::two_hearts: