NightSkye's Spalsh and Cover Request Thread! (INK & Limelight)

Hey! :grin:
I decide to make my own Splash and Cover thread!
My name is NightSkye, I love doing things for others and would love to your Splashes and Covers.

If you want your character/s in you cover or splash, send me the details, expressions and outfit. You can also just screenshot the character.

Splash Request Form

  1. What type/s of splashes do you need?
  2. Background: Send the background you would like
    3, The text you may want in splashes.
  3. A detailed description of what you need.
  4. A short summary of your story.

Cover Request Form

  1. Name of the story and author.
  2. A description of your story.
  3. Background: The selected background you would like.
  4. A detailed description of what you need.
  5. Do you need both small or large cover?

Here are some examples below:


@NightSkye your stuff is amazing! you might wanna enter episode studio’s fun in the sun art scene contest

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Ok, thanks

You’re welcome

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Hey! Could i request a splash edit?

I’m not sure if this is really a splash cos i’m stupid :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. I need an ending screen splash
  2. The End
    4.Just a splash thingy with the words ‘‘The End’’ on it

idk what you mean by this soo…
Your bestfriend got kidnapped, you’ve been trying to find her for years. You finally get some leads! Now you and your best guy friend have to go school!

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Sure no worries!

Can i request an art scene from you?

I’m but I don’t know how to do art scenes :pensive:

@Seven7 Here is your Splash

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi! Was wondering if you would still be able to make a cover and one background for me?

Hey, could you make a small and a large cover for me please?

  1. Story name: The power within her.
    Author name: Mel
  2. Description: It’s about a witch who goes to a “monster” school and she discovers that she’s actually a phoenix.
  3. Background: I wanted a wing on fire.
  4. For the large cover I wanted two characthers with arms crossed ( they aren’t looking at each other)
    And for the small one the same background and characters but with one arm raised and a fireball in the “ginger” one hand and on the other one ,a purple magic effect.

Characters detail:

Type: LL

First character ( the one with the purple magic effect):

Skin: Gold 02
Eyebrow: arched natural(black dark)
Hair: Long Feathered (black dark)
Eyes: female generic (purple)
Face: heart soft
Lips: full round pouty (plum matte)
Nose: Defined Natural

Second character(the one with the fireball):

Skin: Gold 02
Eyebrow: arched natural(ginger red)
Hair: Long Feathered (ginger red)
Eyes: female generic (brown light)
Face: heart soft
Lips: full round pouty (red deep matte)
Nose: Defined Natural

Thank you! :smile:

Cover At Request
Story name: Life Of A Single Dad
Background: Pink Screensaver

PINK_BABY_SWADDLE size minature
baby%20toy%202 size minature
bany%20toy%202 ! size minature
baby%20toy%201|367x500 size minature
Cover Splash 1

Background: Red

This was a lot so if it takes you a while I understand.


Can you please make me a cover? Here are the details.

Story Name: Trapped In Hell
Author: Izzy Jones
Genre: Drama
Not published I dont know when
Description: Anna Is a famous singer but what will happen when she finds out she has a killer stalker AND the truth behind her boyfriend. (Limelight)
Size: Big and small
Characters: 3
Character 1 (boy)
Body: Rose 03
Brow: Round Medium (deep brown)
Hair: Short Shaggy (Chesnut Brown)
Eyes Oval Wide (Hazel)
Face: Square Jaw
Nose: Button Round
Lips: Medium Heart (Pink Beige Matte)
Character 2 (girl)
Body: Rose 02
Brow: Round Thin High (Ginger Red)
Hair: Long Straight Loose Solid
Eyes Round Medium (Violet)
Face: Heart Soft
Nose: Round Button Upturned
Lips: Full Heart Pouty (Red Deep Matte)
Character 3 (girl)
Body: Rose 02
Brow: none
Hair: none
Eyes none
Face: none
Nose: none
Lips: none
Character 1 (boy)
Muscle Shirt Short Sleeves Swoopneck Neutral White
Capri Middle Seams Gold Filligree Pants Cotton Blue Navy
Medallion Quilted Lace Up Shoes Leatherbrown Beige Grey Black
Character 2 (girl)
Jogger Sweatpants Tie Waistband Khaki Grey Black
Aiko Crop Top Cotton Neutral White
(PP) Cluster Funk Shirt Flannel
Flat Canvas Sneakers Cotton Black White
Character 3 (girl)
Hood Raised Tied Front Cotton Purple Mulberry
Victorian Long Sleeve Button Up Silk Blue Black Cerulean
Thighhigh Platform Heels Pleather Raven Blue
Character 1 (boy)
facing right
Character 2 (girl)
facing left
Character 3 (girl)
laughing in the middle of them
can you also do the rain effect?
Thank You!!

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Hey, I’m very sorry I got a new account and if you Pm me I am still able to help.

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For character 2, what was her hair colour?
And for character 3 do you realise that she will have no head at all?

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Hi, are still wanting a cover go to "Milktoast’s Covers and Splashes (LL & INK) as I have a new account and forgot to check my old one.

oh sorry platinum blond

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