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I’m guessing this is your own personal moodboard? :joy:

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Yep, mood board for the one and only me :joy:

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Here’s your moodboard. Definitely one of my faves:)) remember to credit me if you use them❤️


It looks amazing! tysm! Good luck!

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Heyyy I’m back💓

I was hoping i could get 2 more moodboards⭐️



He is in the FBI
a huge flirt
loves to party
he drinks and smokes
he likes knives and guns

he was assigned to be Charlottes body guard
he is tough and strong but also fun and relaxed

he likes hanging out with his friends especially charlotte and his best friend

he has an eagle tattoo on his chest

he goes to the gym and lifts weights, bench press it is favorite



He is really quirky, always happy and smiling and making jokes

he likes to party and drink or smoke or whatever

he doesn’t workout,
flirts with girls but he doesn’t date anyone he doesn’t think he’ll have a connection with, he is very respectful about it though, all around a very good guy

but he’s still happy all the time

really funny, super attached to Elijah, he calls Elijah his best friend
he loves dogs and skating and he has a cartilage piercing he likes flannels and he LOVES blue denim/ just jeans in general

his parents are lowkey rich af, and he likes to play guitar and sing

yellow is his favorite color but he also likes blue

he’s the type of friend that will leave countless selfies of him making weird faces on your phone

these smiley faces remind me of him

you don’t need to incorporate all that stuff but i just wanted to make sure you had enough💞

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Here are your moodboards. I personally ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM :pleading_face::yellow_heart::black_heart:Remember to credit if you using them and don’t forget to share :heart:I made different versions of each of them. <3

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amazing as always​:revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts: i love them so much and will definitely use all of them​:star:

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New and updated moodboards! And yeahhh, I’m back :joy:

I’d like to request some mood boards!


Evangeline Burton
Age: 24
Color pallet

She’s into the occult and very gothic. She owns a bakery as well.
Her clothing style is gothic

Aesthetic reference :arrow_down:


Norman Burton
(Evangeline‘s younger brother)
Color pallet

He’s very into books and is heavily reserved
He also has albinism

Aesthetic reference :arrow_down:


Silas Foster
Age: 130
Color pallet

He’s a vampire
He’s kinda snobby as well as reserved
He’s also sometimes obsessive
He’s very into painting and art in general
Aesthetic reference :arrow_down:

Sorry if this is poorly written it’s currently 9:00 pm and I’m tired :sob:

And here are your moodboards💕

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Ouuuuu I love them so much!! :heart:🫶🏽