No admins or mods on this forum?


So many threads not following guidelines! And no admins/mods online to fix them or remove?
I find that very disturbing! It’s happening last 2 months. Where are they?

Don’t tell me they’re online and working. Don’t give them appreciating threads for nothing. Sorry, I think this is their job. If they can’t do it, find another. If there is too little mods on forum - hire more. Just don’t tell me I got it all wrong, because I don’t. FEATURED category is the biggest mess!!

I won’t talk about others, mods/admins who are here from before. Yeah Liz is taking her maternity relief, but where is Trinady and Cass?

When we ask direct questions- no one answers. We are ignored. What’s happening with Episode stuff? Are there only 5 people in whole house? Which they don’t even know forum and story guidelines? Disturbing!


I know right, we own the forums.


I think that’s not true. They have their own life, too, you know. They shouldn’t be here twenty four hours, yet they do. They clean up after us. The mess that we do. We should be responsible for writing mature replies, and keep our forums clean, but some people disrupt the community and urge other users to do so. You know the mods are humans, too, and the sleep, eat, and drink. There are some weird examples popping up lately of people having zero respect for other users whatsoever. We should be thankful for what we have, and even help a little.

Thank you for understanding,
-B.ROSE :rose: