No Art Release for the Week of Thanksgiving (11/22)


Hey Episodians,

We wanted to give everyone an early heads-up that many of us here will be away for Thanksgiving. This means that we won’t have any art released next week but we’ll be back at it again with some more stuff you all the following week.

The Episode Team


Understandable have a nice day


No worries!

Is it weird I’m kind of happy knowing I won’t need to update any templates this week? :sweat_smile:


This makes me sad. :sob:
Enjoy episodians!

Out of curiosity, will there be any backgrounds released in the near future? Need to freshen up episode bgs!


I felt the same :joy:



That’s sad since I’m Canadian and Thanksgiving was last month


Oh, its okay. Enjoy your Thanksgiving! :wink::white_flower:




Personally, I am okay with this I guess. It is Thanksgiving so I would understand.


Thanks for telling us! No excuse for a tiny update the week after though.


Omg :joy::joy:


Enjoy your holiday yall, Thanks for being transparent! the next update will probably be great! hopefully some black people hair for once, but a girl can dream


Enjoy your break, hopefully the next update will be something worth while.


I kind of agree with this. I’m also Canadian…

Maybe Episode should think of opening up an office in Canada?


That’s fair enough, however the background approvals times has literally been a week recently - with a contest deadline literally on Monday, can we expect a lot of people to miss it because of background approvals? Especially considering the possibility of a rejection.


That’s what I’m thinking. There’s going to be a backlog in approvals once again. It has become monthly now :persevere:


If Episode is gonna open a new office, I think it would make a lot of sense for it to be somewhere more European so that all the European fans have somewhere close to travel to.


Obviously you guys need time off but will you be doing a double release with twice as many items?

Just curious :slight_smile:


I hope they will.