No art scenes in stories?

I’m currently writing a non cliche story. So far I have 10 episodes but no art scenes (I’m an artist myself so it’s not cause I can’t find someone). Sooooo, I questioned myself if it’s really important or the readers would prefer more a story with art scenes? (Haven’t read episode stories for a year or so so I’m out of trend now)
If yes, when they should be added or how many you would like to see in the first 3 episodes?:woman_shrugging:t3:


I think they are a good touch every so often when something really important happens. (:
But otherwise art is not important to me in stories. :see_no_evil:

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It could be very good for the story! :heart:

I think of you really wanna make express a emotion or scene, then yes an art scene will be amazing

if you have cc. I would not add art scenes

honestly I dont really think they add anything, they often are used in a useless way, or for an info dump


I don’t thinnk art scenes are necessary at all, I’d only use them for very special moments.

you could add art scenes when its like something happening for the first time, for example if its romance genre then when the MC and LI kiss for the first time, otherwise its not sooo important :wink:

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