"No bodyColor called Fair Gold exists"


Please disregard this-- i answered my own question minutes after posting LOL


I have same problems… how did you solve it?


no they changed the names of the skins to like copper 01 and stuff


Did they seriously change the names from what they originally were in limelight to new ones because I spent many hours creating a customization template and if I gotta make a new one, I will most likely cry :sob:


Yeah they changed the template. so i had to scrap my entire code for customizing a character and used the template they have in the right hand side.


i deleted my existing customization code and had to use the new template they provided :confused:


Actually, I just tested it on a limelight story that I’m not going to publish (because it’s a tester) and it seems like they only changed the names for skintones, not the other customization choices like hair color, hair, lip color, lip shape, So, this gives me some relief XD I believe you only need to change the names for skin tones and that’s all however some people have been complaining about glitches. I’m going to see if I get any…


This is so annoying :persevere:


That chart may be annoying but it’s helpful :smirk:
Jk, I know what you mean, this update really took a toll on writers doing a story in LL :roll_eyes: