No choices in the first scene?

In my story you immediately get to name and customize the MC, but then it goes to a scene showing the past with your characters mother. There are no choices in this scene other than customizing a second character that will appear again later. This scene lasts about 4 minutes or so. Is that too long not to have a dialogue choice?

Tbh, if the story is well written, I usually don’t even noticed the amount of choices.


Thanks for the reply. What do you consider “well written”?

Well thoughtout storyline and good dialogue

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Thank you. That sounds like something I can do, if you have any tips though, please let me know, especially for dialogue. I’m still very new to this. :grin:

Well, I do not bother abt the no. of choices

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Thanks for replying. Let me know if you have any tips on executing good writing and dialogue properly.

Is it just the scene that doesn’t have any more choices or the whole first episode?

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Just the scene, the rest of the episode has dialogue choices and outfit choices and a couple of fun little ones too.

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i don’t care that much about choices, i prefer a good story

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Then don’t even worry about it. Sounds fine to me

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Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: