No coordinates in preview

Hello! :heart: In all tutorials (video or not) the preview always shows coordinates at the bottom of the preview screen, but mine doesn’t.

Is this a new update or is my previewer just broken?

Thanks in advance! :sunny:

Coordinated for like, spot directing or zooms? can you take a screenshot to show what you mean?
also on the app or portal?

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At the bottom there aren’t any numbers or anything, but in tutorials you can see the %, x and y of the character.

I have pressed all of the buttons and nothing shows up :frowning:

theres nothing there because your character looks to be standing screen center, so theres no spot directing, is there any animations after this point? because as she does them they should show up there.

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There aren’t any animations afterwards, and even if I use the

@CHARACTER spot 1.280 100 20

codes, animations or things like that they do not show up

im not sure, i dont think its needed to have those though, so it shouldnt give you any problems.

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Alright, thanks! :heart:

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click on “show helpers”, then on “spot directing”

Still didn’t show up, but I’ve worked my way around it by memorizing how far to the side will for example x be if it’s 100 etc.