No episode is really gone grazy


Now it says to me the character NARRATOR does not exist in red so i can’t go ferter…


Can I see your script?


It really depends if you used the narrator rigth



You spelled NARRATOR wrong.


OEPS STUPID ME… and do you know why my blush is not blushing anymore??? in the first 3 episodes it worked you saw in the preview for shanging the scale already that it was red and know it is white and it stays white … i already tried another blush, same broblem.


Do you have the overlay BLUSH2? If you do can you show me the image?




this is the code I use, don’t look at the numbers because they change from place to place
@overlay BLUSH2 create

@overlay BLUSH2 shifts to 184 351 in 0 in zone 1
@overlay BLUSH2 scales to 1.000 1.000 in 1
@overlay BLUSH2 opacity 1 in 3


Try layering the overlay since maybe the overlay is behind the character


what do you mean by that, what code should i use then…


No layering does not help I gave it the highest layer

@overlay BLUSH2 create
@overlay BLUSH2 moves to layer 8
@overlay BLUSH2 shifts to 184 351 in 0 in zone 1
@overlay BLUSH2 scales to 1.000 1.000 in 1
@overlay BLUSH2 opacity 1 in 3

@Dara.Amarie or @Apes do you know what is going on here?



Try using another overlay like RED COP LIGHT and see if that works


i already did that i does not work eather.


Seems like the overlay is off screen, try re-coding your script and I guess that should do :wink:


no because i see it in the writer portal but it is blank. I have put in a ticket don’t know what else to do, but if they are going to respond i don’t know?


There’s no need for a ticket. Either check spotting or pause the command after the opacity to see if it will show up


Did that already too …


I tell you I have tried everything another blush, tears, an update of the story, story reset progress another background, everything…


It really is because of the spotting, I tried the EXACT code you used, here is what happened

The red circle means that the overlay is offscreen


and what is a normal code that i can use always to have it always in the screen so i can adapt it?