'No eyebrows called Classic Natural exists.'

Hi there!

I copied a customization template. (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_X6ArFS9g3F1P5S2CqsDxW4VgsCL2Tb-tkgZSWVLbic/edit) and I got an error.
I filled in the name of the character at every spot (by selecting all) but still it gave me the error: ‘No eyebrows called Classic Natural exists.’
If I delete this eyebrow option, it will give an error for the next pair of eyebrows too.
Can anybody help me? I could send a screenshot if necessary.


You need to change LIGHTFEMALEAVATAR or LIGHTMALEAVATAR into your character name

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Yup, I did that. It still doesn’t work.

Try copying and pasting the template all over again.
and do the steps again.

Thanks for your response.
I just realised… I used an INK template. I’m so stupid.
Thanks a lot!

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