No Filter or Filter?

Hey! It would mean a lot to me if you could answer some poll questions about filters in stories below :wink: An example of filter is on the right, and an example of no filter is on the left.

Do you prefer having a filter or no filter for the entire story?

  • No filter
  • Filter ONLY for flashbacks
  • Filter for the whole story

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Omg, care to share the code for this filter? :pleading_face:

I honestly won’t notice theres a filter at first unless it’s pointed out .


@set hsl 9 67 28 no_colorize with blendMode Multiply to 100%

I adjusted it a little, but unfortunately I forgot to save the new one. But play around with this one! It’s super close.


Filters for the whole story may feel awkward for those who never read stories with any filters (or barely any filters at all), and it may be distracting to some. Filters are great for flashbacks, because it makes it apparent that it’s a flashback.

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I couldn’t pick one because my answer is a mix. I like filters, but I prefer them for some scenes, like flashbacks, parties, “romantic” moments (dates and whatnot), or anything dramatic, really. Like black and white or sepia for flashbacks, luminance/sunny for early mornings, rose goggles for parties or scenes that are at night; things like that. I think it gives a more dramatic effect. But if it’s a scene that isn’t important, I guess, then I don’t think a filter is needed.


I’d go with filters for flashbacks. That’s what I usually prefer :thinking: And my battery’s at less than 5% but I’ll come back to edit this post with my full thoughts :joy:


I’d generally say save filters for either flashbacks, dreams or scenes where things may not be as they seem / you want readers to question the narrator. They can be a really effective and often subtle detail to get your reader to pay attention and think about how the scene connects to the progression of the plot.

That being said, some authors feel using filters adds an aesthetic that enhances their story and who am I to argue? I would say though that if you’re going to use a filter for the whole story to use different ones to signify flashbacks than the one you’re using for the rest of the story.

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Which is this filter i mean name