No guitar?!?!?!

I have one of my characters performing ‘play_airguitar_loop’

Trouble is, they aren’t playing a guitar!
Or is that how it’s meant to because that’s just dumb. I’m sorry.

I think it’s meant to be like that, since the animation is called play_airguitar_loop. :thinking::joy:

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Yeah, I knew it was that! But just wanted to make sure LOL.
They should really do an animation with the real thing :laughing:

Well there is some animation that have guitar with with it like

Not for Limelight :frowning_face:

Oh then you need to add an overlay

Overlay? You sure it’s not a prop?

There is no prop for a guitar in limelight they might add one though

Yeah. I did look for it

Do ou need a guitar overlay?

Yeah :frowning_face:

Here you go :grin:

Aww. Thanks. Really appreciate it :heart:

Could you send me the same guitar but sideways?

If you want but there is another way to do that with out using another overlay

Really? How?

You just need to type this

@overlay OVERLAY rotates # in s


Didn’t know. Thanks x