No hairstyle option, please help <3

Hi! I was wondering if anybody could please create a template for me, for readers to customize their character, but not give them the option to choose their hairstyle (they can choose hair colour)

  • My story is limelight
    -and if you could use ‘YOU’ as the characters label
    -You can mention your IG or anything for a shoutout

thank you! <3

Hi! You’ll just have to cut that part out of the template you are using. Find the label name of the hair color selection section and put that in the main menu for hair instead of whatever goto is there

That’s a bit confusing, I know, so I’ll try to give you a quick example

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Your overall customization menu probably looks something like this:

label customization_menu

choice “Skin” {

goto skin_selection

} “Eyes” {

goto eyes_selection

} “Hair” {

goto hair_color_selection


All of your labels for customization sections are here

label hair_color_selection

Choose your hair color

choice “Brown” {

@CHARACTER changes hairColor into Brown

} “Blonde” {

@CHARACTER changes hairColor into Blonde

} “Black”

@CHARACTER changes hairColor into Black

} “Done” {

goto customization_menu


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Thank you!

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Solved and closed. :smiley: