No inspiration.... !help!

HI guys… I have a very good story planned and I already have code the very first two episodes but I have no inspiration to continue… I don’t know how to continue my story even though I have a plan for it.



Look at this thread :heart:

Don’t rush yourself, sometimes taking a break helps :hugs::two_hearts:


thank you, but I feel like stopping all the time and I don’t know how to continue…

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Writing is frustrating isn’t it? I swear I can’t with my story rn. Just take a break for a day, then come back and just take a deep breath

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I know how frustrating it can be. Especially when you’re at the beginning, and you’re trying to break the ice before moving on to the bigger plots and drama. At least I’ve been there myself :sweat_smile:

These are stuff I’ve done that it has helped me, maybe it helps you too:

  • Make an outline of the story
  • Write random scenes, and/or dialogue narration according to plots I’ve written in the outline.
  • Take a break
  • Write facts about the story (the places it might take place, do research about sensitive topics I may add, etc.)
  • Make a document about every info I can think of my characters (age, nationality, the way they’d dress, speak, likes, dislikes, fears. I’ve gone as far as making personality test to get very accurate information on how they should act all throughout.)
  • Make outfits
  • Take a break
  • Look for backgrounds, make overlays, think what I’d want for the intro, etc
  • Listen to music that fits the mood of where I left off. (I’d recommend listening to music every time you’d write or at least before because I believe it sets you in the mood faster than you just starting quietly at a blank page hehe)
  • Take a break
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Thank you so much! I’ll do that, I think it will help me a lot! It’s very frustrating to have a good story in your head but not be able to write it haha

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Thank you so much!

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I know girl it is… I’ve been working everyday for two weeks and I have a two days off which I think I’ll be able to continue my story! If you need any help as well I can help you give you some ideas or something… I know how annoying it is when you have a story in your head but you can’t write it haha.

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Yeah take a break to refresh, don’t do it so much that it makes you sick of writing. Maybe find something to do like connecting with your characters that makes you want to write about them? But if you get really fed up, maybe think about starting a new story you’d be more interested in.


You’re right. Thank you

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Yeahh, exactly! Hehe, I understand. And I really hope it helps you :hugs:

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I feel you so much I felt the same while I was writing but I think you need to keep yourself calm when you are working on it have fun take breaks chill :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: What I did was I started writing I was so confused with the coding and stopped it I took a long break even read some other stories and I felt like if you just keep it nice and slow you can get that motivation to write and work better on the story :heart: :heart:

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Ikr! Like I plan iconic scenes and they are just ruined once I code them

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Thank you hun!

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I agree. I just keep thinking that I have to write it and I get anxious.

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I totally get it!! Have some fun just put your story aside for a while and think how can you make yourself feel better :hugs::hugs: Coz at the end of the day more than writing the story you feeling better and buckled up for writing is all that is important :heart::heart:

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You’re right! Thank you!

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Here are a few different things which may or may not help you. Try any or all or none:

Go for a walk.

Read something new or different.

Watch something outside your experience.

Observe people.


Make tea.


Take a break from writing and do something else.

Read something you loved before over again. Remind yourself why you wanted to be a writer.

Read something so terrible you want to throw the book across the room in disgust. “I can write better than THIS!”

Help someone else with their story. Sometimes by helping someone else with their writer’s block it will open up your own creative channels.

Figure out what your characters really want in life, then imagine things that could stop them.

Dance beneath the full moon on a clear night. (clothing optional). Note: Be sure to keep raw meat in a Ziplock bag as a distraction in case you encounter werewolves.)

If you’re of the age of majority:

  1. Imbibe or partake of intoxicating substances or recreational drugs.
  2. Sit down to write while high.
  3. Look at your notes when sober, scratch your head in confusion, “WTF?”.
  4. Throw those notes away and start over with a clear head.