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I really like making mood boards for myself, So I thought why not help others.
I will try to do everything as soon as possible:

here are some of my examples:


Character detail:
Name of character:
style/ theme:
character’s personality:
Pictures: (if have any)
any extra things I need to know?:


  • Be Patient, I’m still a student
  • use the Password: baby unicorn

That’s so prettyy🥺

Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Could I request one??

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Yep, just fill the form

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Name: Mila Sicilliano
Style: Uhhh I’m not sure, but colors black and red?
Personality: She doesn’t take crap from NOBODY!!! She’s a strong woman, I wish I was her :confused:
And I recently joined the forums so I don’t know how to blur things :confused: but baby unicorn

I also forgot to add thing but could I get her character details?

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Okay I’ll send them in a minute!

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Thank you !

Skin: Neutral 4

Eyebrows: Arched Natural (black dark)

Hair: Wavy Long (Black)

Eyes: Deepest Almond (Dark Hazel)

Defined neutral

Lips: Full Round Flat Top Skin (Neutral Medium Gloss)

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hi! i was wondering what you use to make your mood boards :blush:

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Character detail: Neutral 03, Straight Medium (Black), Undercut Short Straight Texture (Dirty Blonde), Narrow Almond Deep Sunken (Grey Cool), Triangle Defined Chin, Straight Narrow, Medium Straight Natural (Rose Light Nude Matte)
Name of character: Ace Montague
style/ theme: Sarcastic, joke-y
character’s personality: Sarcastic, slightly feminine (Drag Queen), loves tattoos
Pictures: (if have any): His current muse Blonde Ivy League Haircuts
any extra things I need to know?:

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form: kiera2728
Character detail:

Name of character: kiera
style/ theme: she is all rock so soft but rocker
character’s personality: she loves mental and rock she s sweet and loves books she has a back bone and does take shit from people.
Pictures: (if have any) I do’t
any extra things I need to know?: nope
hope to hear back have a good night or day :rose:

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Heyy :smiley: I love your mood boards, could I request one, but in ink?

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Okay, request accepted :star:

Finished request


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