No Longer need advice. Thank you!

Help recurved. Thanks!


Oof don’t cancel hon! Just tell D that it was completely wrong of her to do that especially since it’s your birthday and you invited her. And if she’s still acting a certain way about that then you can just tell her not to come because it’s your special day and you just wanna relax not worry about some crazy drama that may happen. And New York is super expensive, so yeah I see whatcha mean unless D pays for her other person.


tell them how you fell. that don’t feel like going anymore and wanna cancel . but i think you should go anyway last year my family took me to thailand which i really did not want to (nothing against thailand i just hate to travel ) but i had a really good vacation, and i am sure you will too


If you are okay and no longer need advice, you can get @Jeremy to close this thread for you :wink:

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