No longer running :(

Hello! I’m sorry to say that this shop doesn’t exist anymore… I’m sure other talaned editors and artists from other wonderful shops can help, here in the thread below you can find all the amazing shops on the forums :3


hello can i please request some banners


preferred artist? anyone
text? something a little bit sloppy lol. can they say… Welcome to Mild Gerbils of Episode character and outfit stylist, Rules , Request and one that says Outfit Examples and one last one that says Character Examples
sorry also plz on the out fit and character one an you put this character on it
body: Female Generic Body, gold 02
brow: Arched Natural, dark brown
hair: Side Part Curly Asymmetrical, brunette brown
eyes: Round Downturned Wide, brown black
face: Triangle Defined
nose: Round Broad
lips: Small Heart, pink cashmere matte


password Fire :fire:

heh. sorry for so much :sweat_smile:

I have one question tho lol. Does one say.
Welcome to Mild Gerbils of episode
And another say character and outfit stylist

Or are they on the same one?

Sorry I get confused easily :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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lol sorry there on the same one

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Ok. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Oh and also is their a pose you want for the character on the banner? :smiley:

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anything is fine thanks :blush:

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I can do episode pose edited art scenes and story covers
I can also do splashes
My examples **Please do not steal or use them as some are in my stories!! **


My Instagram account is @tosinxo_
I am usually available most of the time​:blush::heart:

If you want anything changing or don’t like it please tell me.

I decided to give you two text options.

Please also credit me thank you :wink:

Click me


aawwww I love it thanks :laughing:


Beautiful :heart_eyes::two_hearts:


Hired :blush:

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Thank you hun :two_hearts:

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Heyy! I would like to be a part of your shop

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Here’s the form:
I can draw both LL and Ink but I haven’t tried ink yet!
I can draw pfps, covers, character cards, splashes, art scenes, and also I do story review
I just have one example, if its okay? Sorry :disappointed:


I’m sorry, I do not use Instagram but my name in episode is Isabella Love

Thanks for this thread!

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Please do check out my thread of shop too! It’s
Love’s love art shop

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Hired :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much❤

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Hellooo I’d really love to join your group :slight_smile:


I can do both LL and INK, but I’m better at LL :sweat_smile:
I can draw covers, art scenes splashes and I like to do character cards too
I can edit the same ^


The last two are not used covers, they are my entries for some recent contests :slight_smile:

My instagram: @tasha_episodee

Yes it’s the same as my forum name bc I’m boring

Hired <3

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