No matching } to {

I’m having an error with this coding , all choices are fine but this one keeps saying this error…Screenshot%20(62)

no its not

51 is not right.

also It may be because I can’t see the entire script but you have so many extra } there arnt been used

You can’t add a choice inside a choice. Make it like this:

“CUP” {
goto cupcake_choice

label cupcake _choice
Are you sure you want a cupcake?
“Yes” {
add the animation
} “No” {
Add the goto

You might have forgot a } on line 62


Yes you can, you just need to make sure all starting brackets having matching end brackets.


What?? I’ve been making unnecessary gotos for all this time? :scream:

Don’t feel bad. They’re not really unnecessary, since having them is more readable code-wise than a bunch of nested choices! :wink:

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That’s true, it makes me feel less dumb :joy:

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