No more closing topics after 1 month's inactivity?



Ok, sometimes topics need to be brought back. Say there’s a topic talking about a new story? After a month if inactivity, it’s now closed, but then the story becomes popular again, and we’d have to make another thread talking about the exact same thing.

I understand a year’s or a decade’s worth of inactivity, but I personally would like to see if this could be worked out?


Yes, especially with a lot of the discussion threads! Keep them open, they provoke conversations


Personally, I think more spamming is caused by not having chat threads than there is with them. At least on the chat threads, people would spam on those alone instead of having to make a thread for every single topic they want to speak about. But that’s an entirely different discussion.


I agree!


I very much agree to this.


I agree with this too. Maybe after a month of inactivity, they should ask if the thread should be closes, then the OP could just say yes or no?


I really don’t see a point in closing them (over just deleting them instead).




This is a way to keep the forums organized and was also practiced on the previous forums. We will notate all the feedback. Thanks all!


You seem to be under the impression that more topic op’s reply than don’t. Unfortunately that isn’t the case.


Good point :+1: If only it were the case.


im sorry ops but honestly, i’ve seen threads that haven’t even been closed after TWO MONTHS of inactivity and its really weird to me… so wyd?


I agree to this too


This is because we have recently lost a Moderator and had to replace him with someone new. As with any job, certain tasks get prioritized over other tasks. Hope this helps explain.


ok thanks for explaining this but i have seen this when we havent lost a moderator but i mean i shouldnt be judging how you do your jobs when it could be very difficult :woman_shrugging:


I think that a month is a pretty short window of time, especially when you want to hop onto a topic you searched for but can’t put in your two cents because it got closed. I think 2 or 3 months is good.


But Reeeeeeeeeeen!! (P.S love your avatar). We have over 90 thousand users on the forums. 2-3 months with the possibility of 90k+ topics and post’s being created is way too much time.