No more ink updates..?

So, I know that now many people now love limelight and some others hate ink, so like there are these people there are people that love ink and some others that hate limelight. Why am I saying this? Well, I’ve seen that the only things they’re updating is limelight, nothing it’s new on ink. There are tattoos in both females and male in limelight but there are not in ink, new cute stuff it’s in limelight but not ink. So, I think they should start to update ink too, because why put so many styles If at the end just one it’s being updated…

I really miss updates in ink, I’ve been waiting for more clothes and more tattoos for boys and girls.

Am I the only one that loves ink now? :disappointed:


they can’t update ink because apparently it has outdated technology.

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Can read this:



Yea :disappointed_relieved:

thx, at least now I know why