No more Juvie on Episode?

Hey guys,
So I remember reading about 5 episodes of Juvie (Episode story) and I came to find it very interesting and I really enjoyed it. However, I didn’t manage to finish it (I honestly cannot remember why!) .

Just now as I’m sitting on my bed trying to write my next chapter of my Episode story, I remember not finishing off my Juvie story on Episode and I thought I’d go back to reading it even if I had to start from scratch.

Trouble is, I searched it up but I can’t find it. I know it’s quite old but I just found it weird how it wasn’t on Episode anymore. Has it been deleted?

They renamed it to Dangerous Love or something sappy and romantic like that

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Yeah, I just saw it now!
I preferred the Juvie title to be honest. Was more relevant to what the story was about.
What on earth is Dangerous Love :expressionless:


I agree!

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