(No more) sorry

I’m currently writing a story but it’s not as fun doing it alone AND I feel like my story hasn’t got enough cliff hangers/interesting moments.


If you want, we can start a story from scratch.


I messaged you!

I can help…

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Ok! :slight_smile:

so, where do you want to discuss?

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Do you have insta?

yes… its @shona_episode

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I’m really sorry if I haven’t replied I forgot my password to my insta…

It’s okay …

I have made id and password… I will send you later… Give me any requirement for the story??

What do you mean by requirement?

I mean… any ideas you have for the story…?

Before I start writing I want to know if anything particular you want in the story…

I jus want a new boy that moves to this girls school and she’s the school nerd but he stands up to her something like that…

okay, sure. also, can you make characters till the time i write something… i will send the details in pm… now…



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hi! i would like to help!

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Hi I would love to help! This sounds fun.:blush:

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