No motivation at aalll

I have NOO motivation to write :woozy_face:
I’ve aready planned chapter 1 to 3 and written introduction and customization in CH 1. I can add new outfits, make new characters, plan the next chapters, but not writing!

It’s exhausting because I have a cool idea and I just wanna start writing, but once I sit in front of my script I can’t do anything.

(edit) thanks for the suggestions people, i really appreciate it! it sounds a lot better and convincing from yall then in my head. <3


maybe you should take a break from writing and come back in a week or two <3
it is better to write and code when you are relaxed :slight_smile:


Firstly, I wanna say that it’s okay to feel like that! You’re not alone. :heartpulse::two_hearts:
Secondly, I would suggest reading episode stories with the same vibe as yours (idk if I’m making sense lskdksk :sob:) but it can really help!

Browse through Pinterest! Whether for moodboards or just pictures that remind you of your story!

Also read some books or Wattpad and watch some series and movies, maybe you’ll like a scene or two, write them down somewhere, you’ll most likely get excited to write that specific scene!

Listen to music that captures the vibe of your story, that way you’ll be making a playlist at the same time!

I hope I helped! Have a good day/night! :yellow_heart::sparkles:


I think you should take a break, too. Writing is no fun when you’re not motivated and I believe the best ideas come when you’re confident and relaxed about it! :relaxed:

  • You say that you have the motivation to create the characters and outfits, so I suggest you begin with that! That’s already a great start and it can be very fun. It even can give you motivation when you start looking at all the great characters you created :relieved:
  • Relax and search for your inspiration, like movies, books and songs.
  • Take your time. There’s no need to rush.

Happy writing :blob_hearts:


That so incredibly normal! :joy: Honestly, your body and mind needs breaks, I honestly believe that’s why we get unmotivated…because our body’s are physically and mentally tired. You can’t force motivation, or else when you do get your motivation back, your outcome won’t be so great. Take short breaks, take long breaks. Just don’t force it, and relax! :heart: