(No need to help anymore, I got it) Does anyone know whos background this is?


I think this work is either @ThorneArtStudio or @justinesolano but I’m not sure.

Does anyone know whos work this is?


That’s mine, babe :slight_smile: x


Thxs! I used one of the bedrooms you made and credited you on that but forgot to credit you with this one so I forgot whos background it is. Sorry about that :joy:


It’s not mine :slight_smile: I recently renamed all my files “thorne art studio -bedroom” etc so it’s easier to remember where it came from :slight_smile: old downloads wouldn’t be renamed tho :slight_smile: Gluck!


Perfectly okay! Thank you x


Sorry, I see you found the source, I was half asleep while reading my phone, ha. Good good :slight_smile: