No one is reading my story

Hi! so I recently finished the first few chapters of my story! But It came out two weeks ago and no one has read it yet. And I didn’t see it on the new stories section of users stories. I am worried that maybe its not showing up on the app. Or maybe its just that no one has read it yet. Anyone have feedback on how to make it appeal more to readers? Thanks, any tips would be appreciated!


It may not show up on the app, since the shelves only show the top 100 stories of the genre. So it is INCREDIBLY hard to have your story shown. Since you published 2 weeks ago, your story will no longer be in the new stories section, since that shelf is usually for stories that just got published on THAT day. I suggest you promote your stories here, do some read for a read, and promote your story on Instagram.
I can give your story a shoutout on Instagram and read it if you give me the name.
Have a good day! Don’t get discouraged. :slight_smile:


Ok, Thank you so much this was so sweet!! I honestly didn’t think of promoting it here, that is such a good idea! And it would be wonderful if you could give it a shout out on Instagram and maybe give it a read! I would love, that thank you so much! My story is called Writing Our Path (my user is Stargurl obviously) Hope you are staying safe, and thank you!

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No problem! I
understand the struggle of not getting reads. It’s hard for stories to get noticed, no matter how good they are. What’s your Instagram?
Have a good day!

Try promoting in threads under the Promote Your Story. You can try doing R4R and story review threads.


Hey! Thank you so much for your support!! So I actually only have a personal Instagram, do you think making a one for episode would be a good idea?

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Thank you so much!! This is a good idea and super helpful!

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It definitely is a good idea to make an Instagram account just for Episode. You can chat to authors and artists, get help, be supported/encouraged, find resources (stories, art, overlays, etc.), and promote your story and other stories. It’s great. :slight_smile: My Instagram is @amphia.episode. Have a good day!

Definitely do Read for Reads, through instagram and through the forums. You meet a tons of new people and find tons of hidden gems by doing that. Good luck! I’ll check out your story this week!

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Thank you so much for the support!!! I really appreciate it and I’ll definitely do a read for read, thank you!!

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