No one is reading my story :(

EDIT NOTE: Please know that I have now realised that complaining about getting reads early is not right. I do not regret posting this though, for it has made me learn a valuable lesson! I hope that newly published authors see this post and just know that I know it is hard, but we just have to accept that we are new authors and not everyone will read our story right away :sparkling_heart:

I have been working on my first episode story for several months now… I put my heart and soul into it, and I finally published it yesterday morning. It is now the next day… 6:31 pm and only 1 person has read my story. I know it sounds petty, you’re probably thinking “oh she just posted a story for reads” no, that is not true. I created my story because writing is one of my passions, and I am just obsessed with reading episode stories in general. Reading everyone’s stories made me want to create my own story, ‘the perfect story’ for me. I am upset because I published my story for the world to see my passion and something that I am really proud of, but instead, only one person was able to experience it. If you are a writer, you probably understand where I’m coming from… If there is anyone out there who is willing to support me by reading my story or just sending a kind message, that would mean the world to me… :heart:

My story:


What’s the name of your story? I’ll check it out :wink:


Thank you so much :pleading_face: that would mean so much. Its called “Her Obsession {Limelight}”


I’m reading the first part of your story. The one thing I have to point out is the zooming is a bit fast. For me, it makes me a bit dizzy. The other thing is sometimes your spot directing is a bit off. Either than that, the storyline is good. I will continue reading it.

Thank you for your advice! As I said, this is my first episode story and I am just getting the hang of all the coding and everything. It will take me a bit to warm up to it but I think that there is room for improvement.

The coding part’s the hardest. After writing the story, do you double check to see how it looks when you play it back?

For some reason I just played my story back for the first time since i published it and I noticed at the start that when I enter the scene I’m not even walking, it looks like i’m sliding across the screen. When I played my story back before I published it, none of that ever happened… I’m a bit confused

I’ll msg you so we don’t annoy others :grinning:

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Hey sweetheart
:heart: :heart:
I would love to read and put a Shout out in my IG (_angryybirdd _)
And I do proofreading
Pricing - $1/episode
Let me know if you want one in future


okay reality check. no one is just gonna go read your story, its sad but that is how episode work. people dont stumble upon it,

YOU yourself have to advertise it. and starting out by complaining about not getting reads when you have done nothing to even let people know it exist is a really bad start.

why should I read your story? you have to convince me to do so. I dont know what its about I dont know what its called.

on episode getting reads is really hard and you have to work for it, the reads wont come on their own.


I didn’t mean to offend you or anything when I sent that message. I was just upset that no one was reading my story. I have sent countless messages to my Instagram followers and my episode followers, trying to promote my story, and I guess I just expected that I’d get more people reading my story than the amount I have now. I just needed to vent earlier when I wrote that message. :slightly_frowning_face:

And I agree with you that getting people to read your story doesn’t come easy. I am new to writing stories on episode and I guess I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into when I decieded I wanted to publish.

Why are you being so rude?? I never wanted to upset anyone by sending that message. I thought the episode community memebers were supposed to be understanding and supporting. I do not appreciate being called pathetic. You don’t even know me, yet, you choose to go out of your way to send a very offending message.


If you have Instagram, there are sites where you can promote your story. :slight_smile:
Also, you can offer R4R to increase your reads.

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dang I hoped you didnt read that part. I deleted it again, because I realised it was very rude. and since it didn’t show I had edited I thought I was in the clear from someone reading it.

I am sorry for been rude


i will read ur story

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There were a few threads where you could get people to shoutout your story, I filled in a few forms.

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I agree with @line123462
I understand how you feel and its fine. But there are so many stories out there on episode and yours is a just a drop in the sea…for people to notice it you HAVE to promote it.

Create a thread promoting your story, send sneak peeks of upcoming chapters.
Instagram is a great place to promote.

try R4Rs to increase reads

and also its just been one day dont be sad cuz u got one read…celebrate it!!


Ahaha yeah thats true. When I got one read this morning I got a bit excited, and i am greatful that that person chose to read my story. I understand where you guys are coming from, I will try to be more patient.


Im glad you understood!! and good luck with your story :heart:

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