No one seems to be finding my book club

I created a new book club because no one was participating in my old group I made, so decided to do a new club, and no one has joined, seeming not seeing my club…

Have a search bar would make things much easier for people searching for a certain bookclub, it’s been mentioned multiple times by people and they don’t seem to be listening… It seems that more and more are making duplicate groups and groups which aren’t active are seemingly still there to clutter the section up even more hiding real active clubs therefore my club will never be seen because of such things…

I do apologise if this it’s in the right section I wasn’t sure where to place it…

my book club name

This my club name if ya’ll interested if anyone see’s my club feel free to join much appreciated

search bar feature post

My forum post concerning having a search bar in the app

FEATURE: Search Bar for Book Club


Im sorry to hear that but the thing is we can’t search book clubs just yet


Exactly, hence why I said about it, because it should be a feature by now

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Moved to Episode Fan Community since this is not a bug report. If you would like to make a suggestion to the development team, you can do so in our Feature Request Category

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I’m still having this same problem since last year of 2022 and I only have 13 members it really sucks I’m hoping the do fixed the issues soon be nice to have a full club again

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I made my own club too last month and no one has joined yet it’s been ages… the bad thing is I cannot earn rewards or points

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I updated this post

I have had issues since May with getting onto my book club, but here’s my updated book club

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Wow,how do I join it ?

Oh sorry it’s taken do long for me to reply :woman_facepalming:t3: I had no idea there was any other replies…

Just search for the club :sweat_smile: