No option to change skin?

I want my readers to not being able to change skin tone. Would you ,as reader, be mad ?
I kinda want to stay with these skin tones for my MC so nothing light this time again would you be mad?

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I don’t really care, I don’t even like cc :joy::joy: I always leave the character the way it is

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No, that is totally fine. There are some stories where the authors want to choose a specific type of skin tone.

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hehe same!

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It depends:

  • If the reader is playing a character - then it’s perfectly fine for there to be little to no customisation.

  • If the reader is playing as themselves - then some people will be unhappy.

I wouldn’t mind at all. I hate how they give us limited options only to play as light skinned. It’d be nice to have limited with dark skin tones for a change.


I wouldn’t mind too. If the skin color has to do with how the character and his background is. I actually think about doing the exact same thing in one of my story. :joy:

Well they are allowed to choose their name ? it’s just LL has so many skins for so many skins are so many arm overlays I just wanna limited it myself. also I hate the fact that a lot of people have limited CC with light skin but never get called out however when people only allow dark skin people get offendend? that is just ridiculous!

I always hate it when they do that… (only adding light skin)

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I wouldn’t be mad because if that’s how you want to make the character then you have the right because its your story. I’m not just saying this because I’ve done the same thing because I was fine with it before I even starting writing my story. Also if you ever want to make a custom overlay with a specific skin tone its way easier

If you ask me, I wouldn’t mind at all (and why would I be mad if you did not give an option to change something in a character :face_with_raised_eyebrow:?). Exactly the opposite - at least, finally someone here puts dark skin tones as options for costumization :smile:. I really dislike the fact that some authors do not give the readers dark skin tones as options when they give them the opportunity to costumize characters :roll_eyes:. Like there are only light-skinned humans in this world :roll_eyes:.

In addition, you are the one who writes this story, so it is up to you whether to let readers to change a character’s skin tone or not, and it is also up to you whether to let them do a full costumization at all :woman_shrugging:t4:

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I agree with you.

However, what I meant was, if you’re reader is supposed to be playing as themselves, some people will be upset - in both scenarios. Whereas, if they’re playing a character, then there’s no reason for them to be upset about limited customisation. However, like previously stated, it’s your story. You do what you see fit. :slight_smile:

So, if you find the characters perfect just the way they are, and that’s how they should look like (in the context of the character’s background) - so I do not find it as something that should bother (me).

By the way, may I ask you, what is the story about? (It is okay if you do not want to tell right now unless the story is published, @Minoesje

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