No passes! HELP PLS


For days I have been unable to view ANY stories as I have ZERO PASSES. I have tried everything from uninstalling and reinstalling to force closing the app and even updating yet once the app screen is not open on my iPhone the timer resets itself from four hours so every time I open the app the timer starts over yesterday I left the app open on my phone screen for the four hour period to earn passes and when I did the app closed itself and when I reopened it all the passes were gone and the timer restarted from four hours .
The only response I’m getting from Episode is a generic message with an explanation on how passes refill works when I am not confused about how it works I understand once you’ve used all your passes every four hours you will earn more the problem for me is that I am not earning any at all .


I think episode decided to stop doing free passes every 4 hours :pensive: I’m pretty sure it’s happening to everyone else


I think there are other people experiencing it too😓 maybe try submitting ticket again? Or PM an admin or moderator?


Hmm? I’m getting passes every four hours, it’s definitely a glitch going around for other people. I feel so bad! That must be terrible!


I have been getting mine also! Try submitting a ticket again!


Ugh it’s been two more days, so many of my fav stories hav updates and I can’t read it cuz of this issue and now even when I wait with the app open for 4hrs( like an addict lol) so the passes regenerate and I use them, when I leave the app it’s resetting and showing that I didn’t read so the progress I made disappears but the passes are also gone. Sigh :pensive: