No preview or anything


im coding my story, to check if its good i do the review but its not working and it giving me the error “eglcreatecontext: EGL arguments are inconsitent”

i even cant see the animations or anything, it really sucks.

greetings demi

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It could be a few different things:

  • save the script and open it in a new tab
  • There might be a hidden error, go over your script and make sure its all right
  • If those don’t work, switch to another browser
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It happened to me to on laptop in work - so check your wifi or vpn if you’re using.
Then switch browser. You can also clear a cache/cookies, that could help. :relaxed:


its not working, after i saw a fjuw script lines in the review the error is back… then i need to re-start the page so i can see the review again but not for hole the script-_-, i even changed to google crome but thats not working.

my wifi is okey i, did this on a terrible laptop and this one is much better but its not working… i changed the browser to google crome but not working. now i can see the review but just a few seconds.