No search bar, genre options or profile?


I’ve recommended my story to 3 of my friends who have never used the Episode app before. When they downloaded the app, and yes they all have different phones, they didn’t have the search bar, the profile button, or the genre options. All they were able to see is were original stories from Episode. Is there a mobile bug? Cuz one of my other friends was able to access my story but my other friends couldn’t … :sob:


idk. mine works jus fine…


I’m having this exact problem and it’s driving me insane to the point I’m almost livid. I need help ASAP like yesterday.


The worse part is that none of my friends are going to be able to read my story :sob: Even my mom decided to support me and she couldn’t search for my story LOL


But I’m talking about those who recently installed the app :pensive:


I would. But I can’t. Ugh. It’s very frustrating because I’m basically like your friends. My friend has one but I can’t follow her or anything and it’s driving me nuts.


UGH. I wish I could help u guys…


We need this sorted out asap :sob:


Ahh, @amorstefanny and @Easybreezyy, I totally feel your frustration!

I downloaded Episode on my sister’s iPad, and the same thing happened to me as well. At first, I thought it was just a way to for them to make people read the featured stories, but that’s clearly not it. I hope they release a bug fix or something for this in their next update. :persevere:


I recommended the app to my friend so that she can view a story but she’s having the exact same problem. I initially thought that she had to complete one featured story to unlock everything else however once she did nothing changed and voila here I am. Hope this gets fixed and soon.


That’s exactly what my friends did, I thought that with them reading a story they would unlock the search bar and everything else but nothing :c


I really hope they fix this :pensive:


My friend just submitted a ticket where they confirmed it would be updated and fixed this week. For the people being affected by this you’ll jut have to read the feature stories or none at all.


Within this week?? Awesome! Let’s hope!


yes yes yes. I can’t do anything on episode except read the stories on home page and i’ve read all of them. Someone please help!!!


There should be an update soon :thinking: At least that’s what we’re all hoping for…


omg the sane thing is happening to me


My friend goes through the same thing. My friend has a phone bigger than mine and curves over at the sides so its all a huge screen, but for some reason it blows up and wont fit the screen when it really can,


Submit a ticket


If many people are having this problem, I don’t think submitting a ticket will be suitable :flushed: just imagine those hundreds of support tickets…