No Wi-fi Access- Sorry (FreakyEvilMargs)

Hello! Im about to say why I wasn’t on for a loooooonnnngggg time (2-3 days) but I, gonna break it up in parts.

Why I Didn’t Have Wifi..

I had rough travels…

  1. 10 hour plane flight
  2. 4 hour train
  3. 2 hour train
  4. 5 minute car

And then no WiFi for two days straight (I needed rest).


I’m so sorry…omg I finally come to forums and I have fifteen notifications :sweat_smile:…and sorry to @epi.alyssaa for Episode Bakery, @Doksanwrites for Episode Creativity, and @Dahlia_Blossom for Episode Bliss. SORRRYYYYYY!

I’m so sorry, I hope all is forgiven.



ok Claire. It’s ok. Love ya

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