Nobody ever PM me


That didnt sound nice to ME. also it didnt concern you


:thinking: I never cared and it sounded nice she just said “have a nice day” not “go rot” so I would be a little nicer


Just dont talk to me


my day has been bad enough


With all of this hate so dont make it worse


I agree with you


No one is hating


See, if you are the one saying you are getting hate and now you are being mean to others, how does that work? You want us to be sympathetic yet you have been very mean to others a lot. Kinda hard to do so


Said the person who made a thread for me and gave me a REJECTION song


Yes you have been rejected for a reason have a problem than pm me not make a topic about it


I’m a positive person but you always have peoples personality wrong


You are making it worse


I was making a statement and i wasnt pointing names so calm down


Exactly people always think the wrong thing


The rejection song was my idea so don’t give @leslie.creates shit for that :roll_eyes:


Never asked for your opinion


Lmk when your low on it


Can I have some? I haven’t had any all day :rofl:


That explains why you weren’t being a pain in the ass :joy::heart:


@Sydney_H close