Noeli's art shop. (free) INK & LL

Welcome to my art shop :hugs: INSTA- epi_rz
i only edit the characters i cant draw your character

i can do…

  1. story covers/ card
story cover ex

  1. pfp
  2. character cards
  3. moodboards
  4. art scenes
  5. i can also help you pick out outfits
  6. overlays
  7. help find the backgrounds you want
other ex of my work LL

other ex INK

please pick the number you want and put your character details and outfits.
If you chose 4,6-8 simply put what your looking for

Password :fox_face:


Bump and good luck! :blob_hearts:

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password :fox_face:
male LL
skin tone:gold 3
eyes: ice blue
lips: medium lips
eyes shape: narrow almond deep sunken
eyebrow: furrowed raised eyebrow
scar on his left eye
black slicked back side shaved tousled hair
chiseld facial hair
nose:pointed straight

i don’t mind the outfit can it just be black themed please with earrings

the Ll women

skin tone:copper3
eye: green
lips:full round
face: diamond

can you make her outfit balck too please i don’t mind
and the pose can it be the male holding on to the female protectively and lifting her chin with his other hand pls

i would really appreciate it thank you

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Love these!!

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