Non-cliche Romantic Trope Ideas?

I’ve noticed in Episode that the “enemies-to-lovers” and the “childhood-friends” are both a popular trope in 95% of stories on the app :frowning_face:

While I used to love both of these tropes, I get utterly nauseated every time one of those tropes pop up in a story I’m reading.

Any ideas of non-cliched, romantic story tropes out there? :thinking:


Or better yet, any stories someone can recommend that doesn’t include any one of those two tropes?

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I feel awkward doing this, but I think my own story might qualify :sweat_smile:. If you’d like to know more I can tell you, but if not I understand :slight_smile:

Lmao, it’s okay. Whats your story?

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It’s called Perfectly Aligned.
Here’s a link:

Another one that’s not mine so I’m not just shamelessly self promoting is The Stars Have Colors by @shaharPie :sweat_smile::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Omg I love enemies to lovers or best friends to lovers tropes. They’re really cute but over used. I like tropes whew it’s like “We lost in touch over the summer but they are back now and looks just as beautiful as they were before. Maybe we should get to know eachother again. If they forgive me…” idk if this makes sense it’s just a cute idea

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