Non-cliche Scenes


Hey there!
So I have just introduced my characters, and I’m trying to find a way for them to be almost forced to spend time with each other in order to ‘bond’, whilst avoiding typical cliches.
Does anybody have any ideas I could use?

Here’s some extra info:
They’re vampires.
They’re in high school.
They don’t particularly like each other.

Thankyou! :heartpulse:


Omg I am writing a story somewhat like that and you can put @pause for a beat after an action


Wait are both of them vampire?


Yes :slight_smile:


I have an idea this is probs cliche and I need other people brought in the story!
So, maybe their parents can have a long talk and then idk introduce them?


They’re parents are kind of dead heh :joy::sob:
Sorry, I forgot to mention that.
Thankyou though!


Do they have a guardian to take care of them who is also a vampire?


Lol I read wrong u can force then to do a together project


Does she have friends if so make one one then set them up somehow and then they lock the door lol in the dark oh it can in like a party


VERY VERY SORRY IF THIS SOUNDS RUDE, forgive me, but I think that’s a teeny bit cliche?
So sorry again :pray:


yh it does lol


It may be a little cliche but maybe they both end up in detention (with other characters, of course) for completely different reasons.

A few examples

(By they/them I’m referring to only ONE of the characters)

  1. They knew exactly what they where doing and they’re no stranger to detention. They act out because of X issue they have.
  2. They were doing something fun and seemingly ‘innocent’ (pulling a prank? a tiny adventure?) with their friends (could’ve been their idea or their friends talked them into it) which ended up being a stupid idea.
  3. It’s completely out of character for them to get detention and maybe they weren’t aware that what they did would land them in detention/it’s one of their friends’ fault (friend may or may not have gotten detention).

This would give you a chance to help the reader get to know the characters a little bit better + add some banter between them that will eventually help them bond.

I hope this helps.


I was actually thinking something along the lines of detention :slight_smile:

The reason for it would be that they both started arguing though… would that be too cliche?


No, I don’t think it’s cliche, they don’t really get along so it makes sense. Maybe their friends (of one or both vampires) had something to do with the start of the argument? Then it won’t feel too forced or anything.


What about something completely random like… they were in library (or it could be any place) and got accidentally locked. I think the project idea is used in too many stories :blush:


You can do something like this


First they start to hate each other after they meet
They keep running in to each other
They start to argue a lot
They starts to battle
They are in WAR!

Just a suggestion :sweat_smile:


I have a few ideas:

They go to the skating rank and bump into eachother
They have a common enemy and both want to defeat him/her
Their friends plot a way for them to talk
They get locked in somewhere and HAVE to talk
They find eachother in their dreams and get to know eachother
They get locked inside a freezer and IF they end up surviving the mildly tolerate eachother


Hahaha I last one is fun I love




I would say perhaps have them be brought into a police station… I KNOW HOW WEIRD IT SOUNDS BUT…

Imagine, as high schoolers, and therefore juveniles they are likely to have poor control over their actions, or in the least irrationality.

When an individual accidentally cuts themselves, and hence forth bleeds onto the floor in a public place that both characters inhabit, both lunge for the blood on the ground, due to a sense of hunger and lack of control. Due to the competition of two differing people going for a single drop of blood, they end up fighting over it. It turns very violent, and as a result, they are brought into the police station for “disturbing the peace.” While sitting in the hall, both are glaring at each other.

This dialogue just seemed to interest me as an individual, it can be changed. :slight_smile:

MaleCharacter: Where you… going for the blood? (Looks at female character)

FemaleCharacter: Where you? (Doesn’t look at male character)


MaleCharacter: Y’know… if we’re both going to jail together, we might as well-

FemaleCharacter: They separate the different genders.


They are brought into the interrogation office where the chief is discussing what happened. Neither tell him/her of the blood, and he/she remains under the impression it was simply a brawl. Neither have anything on their record, so he/she decides to let them go under the condition of community service.

Anyways, just an idea!