Non-cliched R4Rs OPEN!

Mafia, teen pregnancy, and bad boys move over - we’re here to read some original concepts.

If you’re writing a story that is outside of the typical Episode box, I would love to do a R4R! I’m tired of getting ghosted, so here’s how it’s going to work:

  • Post your story name, description, and chapters below
  • Read as many chapters of mine as you’d like
  • Post a screenshot of my story (you can also message it to me, or DM me on Instagram if you’d prefer - @rachelonepisode)
  • I will match chapters read and send you a screenshot in return

My story details:

Title: All Aboard!
Genre: Adventure/Romance
Chapters: Currently 6, updated weekly
Style: Limelight
Instagram: @rachelonepisode

Who would’ve thought accepting a job on a cruise ship would lead to a love pentangle, an international crime scandal, and an unforgettable adventure?


  • Temporary Fresh Start - vee3


  • Switch Psyche - Sicy_Ricci


  • Maid Of Honour - Stxrylines

Title : Maid Of Honour
Genre: Fantasy and Mystery
Style: Limelight
Chapters : 3 chapters - updating soon
Story Description : Especially in the Victorian era. You must do the best to survive.We must do the best to survive, but will going to a new realm be enough? Limted CC


Hey :star2:,
I was just posting a new discussion on the Forum and I suddenly saw the “non-cliched” word… which obvisously catched my attention since I completely fits this word :wink:

Title: Switch Psyche
Author: @sicy.stories on Instagram
Style: Ink
Genre: Adventure (and mystery)
Status : Ongoing (11 chapters)

Description : Vampires never existed. They were created by a crazy scientist|
Jade survived her murderer. But she’s slowly possessed by a dark entity in charge of keeping the scale of the world.

Link :

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I love my ”cliche” story! :grin: #badboy #prisonlife #sorrynotsorry


Hey, more power to ya! Just not my cup of tea :slight_smile:

Thank you for the screenies! Looking forward to reading yours :relaxed:

This story looks super original and unique! I’m looking forward to reading it :relaxed:

Hey! loved this thread <3

My story details are:
Title: Temporary Fresh Start
Genre: Romance (A non cliché one)
Chapters: 5 (more coming soon)
Style Limelight
Instagram: @vee__writes
Description: Oliver wakes up in the middle of nowhere to find out he has made a mess in a farm owned by a very strict girl named Josie. Will Josie help Oliver move on from his past?

Your story sounds great by the way:)

I’ll add it to my list!

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Cool! i’ll read your story tomorrow and i’ll send you a screenshot. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thank you!!

I’ll share mine soon.

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Looking forward to it!

Yours definitely sounds non-cliche and interesting! I’ve added it to my favorites and will read it tonight after I do some writing and will send you a screenshot to your IG.

Here’s mine :slight_smile:

Title: Ley Lines
Genre: Supernatural Thriller
Chapters: Currently 5 (ongoing)
Style: Limelight
Instagram: @anya.reinhardt

Oh this looks great! I’ll add it to my list!

Hey can we do a r4r
Here’s my story
Title :The Fashion Story
Chapters :5
Description : Join two childhood friends as they journey to the end of the milestone of becoming high personalities in the Fashion Industry while overcoming obstacles together |CC
IG @episode.kalya