Non-looping background keeps looping

EXT. SPORT FIELD - DAY keeps looping and I can’t put anything on the scene because it just shows the field on loop. Is that background supposed to loop?? because it doesn’t say it in the title and wouldn’t there be a normal version of that background?

Yes, it’s suppose to loop. All backgrounds that loop are suppose to loop

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But it doesn’t say loop in the title

There’s other backgrounds that don’t say loop in the title and they loop

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I saved the background and uploaded it myself as a non-looping background :wink:

How do you do that? :astonished:

Just open the background, save it. Then under backgrounds go to “uploaded to YOUR account” and upload it there :slight_smile:
It won’t loop if you do that since we can’t upload looping backgrounds ourselves.

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Oh wow thank you so much!

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