None of the features are “exclusive” to POC


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What do you mean the vocal minority’s? I know plenty of vocal minority’s that could care less. Unless you mean vocal in a different context?


Can I also address that just because you’re a POC, does not automatically make you a minority. Where I live, believe it or not, white people are the racial minority, and POC are the majority.


Yeah, it matters where you are from. In America, POC are the minorities but I guess in your area, you are.


I live in Canada


“The Vocal Minority” is a term given to the few of a group who make a big deal out of something and make it seem like the whole of the group feels that way because they’re the ones who speak out.


Like… if you look at the vocal minority of feminism, they can sometimes make it seem like feminists hate men because they’re the ones shouting the loudest.


:thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :roll_eyes: :zipper_mouth_face: i dont even think i need to put my 2 cents in on this one


What exactly offends you? The part about the monolids and curly hair or the fact that not everyone who embraces an alternative culture is appropriating?


It’s fine to speak out. It’s even better to speak out if you actually know what you’re talking about. The point of The Vocal Minority - a term used by sociologists - is that they claim to speak FOR all of their group… or at least make it seem like they are.


The “minority” part of that phrase refers to them being a minority IN THEIR GROUP… not being an ethnic minority. I thought people would know this stuff. I didn’t invent the term.


Seriously, what do people think the term “minority” means?


None of the feautures are ‘‘exclusive’’ but I know most people who add monolids for grandmas. Like they think that monolids represent age. I’m like okay, first of all when there are old people you can use THE MATURE ONE THAT EPISODE PUT FOR ELDERS but do not use monolids when you think that it means you ‘are old’ because talk to those monlidded babies who are definetely not old. Thats when you give feedback, and say well. And second of all, I second EpisodeShadow, I think there is a fine line between what some people are doing, like what I said before using monolids for grannies and actually researching where it comes from and implementing it in their stories. So I feel like some feautures would be better off being ‘exclusive’ because lots of misuse would be done. But it’s just my opinion. :woman_shrugging:


Thank you


Throwing in my two cent’s (I won’t be replying though). If a user is practicing diversity then the word exclusive shouldn’t even be an option for them when creating content.


I think that’s a separate issue, personally. It is a bad thing to make it seem like a feature of another culture is associated with facial degeneration through old age. It isn’t bad to depict people with monolids who are white in general.

That’s an issue I didn’t bring up because I agree that it is an issue.


Beautifully put!


What does that have to do with anything? Do you know what “the vocal minority” means??!


But some people could argue that the process of aging is beautiful, so I think that this is why there is a need for exclusivity.