None of the features are “exclusive” to POC


Monolids are for East Asians and those of E asian descent, my dear. There’s nothing unfair about my statement when it’s a reality that people face discrimination and get mocked because folks like you think it’s okay to appropriate. Don’t gaslight this.



Just America-centric honestly. I don’t think many PoC American’s have a decent understanding of cultural appropriation. Which is why I said Tumblr-feminist. I’ve seen everything you’ve said there, and it’s just as underwhelming honestly. You don’t understand, you don’t want to understand, and that makes you a hypocrite for trying to make others understand you


No they are not! There are Scandinavian people who have no contact with Asians who have monolids!!! Do you think that only Asians could evolve those sort of eyes?!

What about the Asians without monolids?!

What about people in South Africa with monolids?!


Most people should argue about the theme of culture not race. Its 2018. Nobody cares if you are sporting dreadlocks and you are caucasian. It is the implication and complication of people disregarding people cultures. I read a story when a character wore a hijab. I was all excited like ‘‘Wooooo! I wonder what interesting story will behind it, I wonder why she chose to wear it, I wonder what was her personal journey though it.’’ I read for 3 chapters, by the second one it was gone. Okay. 6 more chapters, it disappeared. Fanmail will help. The girl said she wasn’t wearing a hijab and it was just to keep her hair dry because the INK didn’t have proper hats xD (in her own words.) first of all I understand this isn’t talking specifically about features but just remember. There are people who have struggled with it, My friend had her hijab torn off her head on the bus. Authors can use whatever they like on anybody! Want an afro on a white guy! Uhh… go for it! Rastafarian and ginger? Yes work it. But rmember the impacts it has on certain people. Feautures such as monolids (which I will use like the example above because it works so well.) were surgically removed because of the ridiculing so I feel if you want to add something please please undertsnad the culture behind it. You don’t even need to have a whole background story for it, just understand what you are talking about, or including. Just know the impact that specific feautures have for some people, and you need to keep it in mind. So no disrespecting (for example calling twist hair, nappy like tf.) or being straight up dumb about it. (had a story when they added a black woman with literally white lipstick for natural. or when PARENTS DO NOT CHANGE FEAUTURES TO MATCH MY CHARACTERS.) No feauture is owned by anyone but remember that a race is linked to culture (sometimes :slight_smile: ) and that adding a feauture linked to a race instantly may bring in culture!


There eyes are NOT monolids. They’re slanted which is different.

Imagine thinking it’s unfair that people are tired of getting discriminated against for not fitting into European beauty standards


Sadly society is messed up, some people are ignorant, however I wish we could all just embrace everyone’s culture and educate others on their culture. That’s all I want for the future, for the next generation embracing each other’s differences, learning about others and sharing each other’s differences. Right now, I’m beginning to loose faith.


Do you know what monolids are?!

Slanted eyes are not monolids and not all monolids are slanted.

Monolids are when you don’t have the creases/folds on your eyelids.


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Since we can’t all get along the topic is being closed. Feel free to create it again if you like but please keep on topic and stop accusing each other of hate. We are all here because we love Episode and have many things in common, not so we can call each other out over opinions.