Nooob needs help with starting a story


What is this and how do I get past it? I started on a story, put it aside and now I cant find it again. I end on this page again and again.

I then tried to make an other story and now I cant find the first one. I end on this page if i choce Manage Your Stories. And none of my storeis are there.
How do I get to the writing page and the charecter page? Well, just past this page…

Is it a bug? It looks a little wierd, especially at the botttom.


Heyo! Yeah, it looks like it. Try exiting out of the ‘Create a new story’ and reentering it, if you haven’t already reloaded the page.

This happens sometimes lol.



Oh wait! I just reread your post and now I understand! Sorry, I have a little trouble reading sometimes. It might be that you either haven’t saved it, because the coding doesn’t save automatically, you have to save it manually, you’ve done something to your account, or you haven’t seen it. There’s a little box that has all of your stories in it. There’s chock full of tutorials, but yours should be in there somewhere.

Cheers, and sorry again,


This is a bug! It happened to me a long time ago. I just exited out of the page then come back. That should work, if not I’d then file a support ticket :slight_smile:


Hi! If you submit a ticket to our support team they can help you figure this out! :slight_smile: